Glimpsing the future..

A week into 2011.  Much has been read, few have been finished.  A short listing of goals ensues.

  1. Ancient Greek and Roman lit. This includes drama and epic poetry mostly.  The Odyssey and The Aeneid.  Anne Carson’s translations of Euripedes.  A few classics I haven’t acquainted myself with.  Medea, Aristophanes.  Aristotle’s Poetics.  Plato.  Slightly reluctant to mention Herodotus as I fear I won’t make it that far.
  2. Shakespeare. Last year, I aimed for four plays, one every three months.  I want to repeat this.  I am thinking, The Winter’s Tale, Othello, two others not yet determined.
  3. Woolf. After falling for To the Lighthouse, I crave more.
  4. Joyce. If I intend to read Ulysses one day, I best make way for Portrait first.
  5. Dante. Dreams of reading The Divine Comedy in full.
  6. Proust. As far as I am taken.
  7. Nabokov. Stories, novels, I want it all.  Rationally, will attempt to read all stories and a few novels.
  8. Authors I feel I will love. But haven’t yet read.  Perec, Garcia Marquez, Rushdie, Eco, Dostoevsky.
  9. A few lady classics. Jane Eyre, Jane Austen (attempting to read in written order), Wuthering Heights (no promises there however).
  10. Short stories. While always frequent reads, I’d like to acquaint myself with unread (or barely read) masters (Munro, Carver) and delve further into those I love.
  11. NYRB Classics. Smitten.

And this is just my shortlist.

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3 Responses to Glimpsing the future..

  1. ellen says:

    this is such a perfect list. nabokov! carver! proust! woolf! joyce! i’ve got “portrait” sitting on my floor waiting for me (may be there a while, but still). had my parents mail me my first nyrb classic, “the balkan trilogy,” which i am so excited to read but also just kind of want to look at. those covers are so pleasingly uniform…i want to buy about a million just so i can line them up on my shelf and admire them.

    • Thanks! I hadn’t heard of The Balkan Trilogy, but it looks good (as all NYRBs look to me…) and I’ve heard good things about Olivia Manning. Ohhh I loveee the design of those books, I love stacking mine up and rearranging them.

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